mandelic toner

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largely responsible for the thousands of clear complexions we’ve honed since 2008. this potion encourages, supports and maintains clear smooth skin with multitasking ingredients mandelic acid & superfood all-star kakadu plum, keeping it strong (antioxidants), healthy and bright (fruit extracts). get ready for results, you will love this magical product!


gently shake before twice-daily use. immediately after icing, apply a nickel-size amount onto a flat toner pad and gently swipe over face (including hair and jawlines). apply to the chest area as needed. let dry and proceed immediately with the rest of your regimen.

active product:

act right. avoid the eye area and don’t use on broken, irritated, sensitive, dry, peeling or post-treatment healing skin. discontinue use of this and all active products. contact with & within and your doctor if irritation, rash, stinging or burning develop.

other information

for best results, use it with these toner pads. regular cotton pads you get at the drugstore soak up too much product, so the toner ends up in the trash versus on your skin where it's needed most! and, these toner pads don't leave behind fuzzies (great for fuzzy faces, and inflamed acne).


Water, *alcohol, mandelic acid, baking soda, *bilberry fruit extract, *sugar cane extract, *cranberry fruit extract, * lemon peel extract, *sugar maple extract, *orange peel extract, glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, kakadu plum extract, *glycerin dmae bitartrate, *witch hazel, citrus unshiu (satsuma mandarin) peel extract, *aloe vera powder. 



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