a helpful candida link i recently found!

photo from hey paul studios if you google 'candida cleanse', you will get a million and one ways on how to do this cleanse. most all of them have parts of the way we believe the cleanse should be done, but most have some deal breakers (dairy and fruit are allowed by other approaches, but not with ours). at sS, we take a conservative approach in how we deal with rebalancing the system, because we also need to make sure the cleansing process is acne-safe too. i found a great article for candida which is, for the most part, in alignment with the way we look at and approach this imbalance. this article pretty thoroughly explains all things candida:
  • how people get candida
  • what symptoms are associated with it (there are many, including super stubborn, acne-safe lifestyle-resistant acne!)
  • what causes the candida strain of yeast to grow out of control
  • an easy at-home test you can do to see if you have it (a good first step before diving into more involved and $$$ stool testing, etc.)
  • and finally, the multi-pronged approach to how to get the candida yeast levels under control:
    • starving the candida
    • building up the immune system
    • killing off the problematic excess yeast
    • replenishing the digestive tract with healthy bacteria
    • and manage the healing process (so that all your hard work and discipline doesn't go to waste!)
we have had clients very successfully use can-sol, the herbal supplement to assist in the cleansing process. it's a formula that was specifically created for the treatment of yeast infections and was recommended to us by dr. thomas anstett, naturopathic doctor and teacher for CNHP (certified natural health practitioners).

Not sure where to start?