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Wondering what cleanser to choose or what candida means? Feel a type of way about what’s going on with your skin and want some answers? Help is but a click away. Check out our blog for info, and if you still need help, send us a note and we’ll come to your rescue ASAP.

What kinds of things do we cover?

• DIY + product questions.

• Booking virtual or in-person appointments.

• Affiliate and wholesale programs for licensees and influencers.

For all new clients

We work very differently than your typical run of the mill day spa or conventional dermatologist’s office.

Find out what sets us apart, how to work with us (virtually or in-person) and what to expect by reading our most frequently asked questions.


Get personalized, one-on-one support,
virtually or in person


Get personalized one-on-one lifestyle analysis, instruction and support on exactly how to clear up, wherever you are. You’ll get TONS of value learning all about acne.


Our tried and true, original acne busting techniques live and direct in Kerry’s boutique studio in San Francisco’s Richmond District.

Consultation — 60 to 90 minutes

After reviewing your intake form, we’ll discover what your personal acne-triggering imbalances are, how to correct them, what products to use and how to use them, that’ll clear you ASAP.


Consultation — 90 to 120 minutes

In-depth analysis of your lifestyle to unearth your acne-causing habits, and how to correct them. Detailed skin analysis, test extractions, and a treatment plan to get your acne under control. (extractions not included).


Follow-up session — 60 minutes

A date with your personal acne expert. A one-on-one face washing tutorial, in-depth diet guidance, or an extended catch-up to figure out what your new breakouts are about. Take your pick or dream up your learning topic of choice!


Follow-up treatments — 30 to 60 minutes

After a couple weeks of doing your consultation homework, your skin should be ripe and ready for a customized treatment, complete with extractions, peeling and healing. We’ll also top up your lifestyle homework to take your overal skin health to the next level.


Quick check-in — 30 minutes

Got some quickie lightning-round style questions for your skincare pro? Work it out with this bite-sized chat.


Chemical Peels, LED treatments, Pop-zit

Offered to existing clients, please inquire for more details, timing and pricing.


See us in SF's Richmond District

245 Clement Street #201 • San Francisco, CA 94118 •

Kerry Watson


Trained as a skinSALVATION esthetician in 2014, Kerry now proudly serves as an independently owned and operating skinSALVATION licensee, providing the same care and attention to detail we've always been famous for. Book any treatment with her and experience the expertise that hundreds of other clients have relied on and trusted to help them get clear.

originally from the east coast, kerry has spent the last 20 years deeply immersed in the natural products and alternative health industry, resulting in an impressive toolbox of alternative health and wellness expertise.

kerry is a certified nutrition consultant via bauman college, a trained herbalist via the california school of herbal studies. now practicing as skinSALVATION's san francisco esthetician, she's also a lifelong learner currently undergoing functional nutritional therapy practitioner certification via the nutritional therapy association. she also spent 13 years at SPINS, a natural and organics wellness industry growth strategy firm as a research team manager.

since joining sS and training with founder kim in 2014, kerry has helped hundreds of clients get clear thanks to her deep training and knowledge of the complexities involved in the acne condition. her comprehensive client care covers the internal and topical (expert treatments, products & ingredients) facets of an acne-safe lifestyle, making for a holistic and bio-individual approach that helps every client achieve clear skin for life.


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