a quickie: how NOT to be hard on yourself

it is SO important to take gentle loving care of yourself, especially when you are on the path to clearing up your skin and healthy-ing up your life. it's inevitable that we'll slip and eat a slice of pizza with real cheese on it or just say F-IT I NEED MY COFFEE! after a stressful commute to work, but hopefully those times are few and far between, of course. ;) being hard on yourself can take many forms though, not just cheating on the acne-safe lifestyle. it could be feeling like you are working too much (or not enough), spending a saturday afternoon lazing around rather than cleaning the house, or deciding to take the night off to yourself instead of spending the night with the guys (or gals). i found this meme on facebook and thought it'd be a good share for all of us - how do you take gentle loving care of yourself?

Not sure where to start?