acne-safe calcium alternatives

you probably all know by now that dairy is a big no-no as far as the sS acne free lifestyle is concerned. that doesn't mean though that you cant reap its benefits because there are tons of other great sources of calcium out there that will easily help you get your recommended daily 1,000-1,300mg of calcium. many leafy green vegetables such as kale, turnip greens, spinach, collards, bok choy, dandelion greens, broccoli and artichokes offer as much as 175-350mg of calcium per 1 cup. an easy and simple way to prepare your greens is by throwing some garlic and olive oil in a pan and sauteeing the vegetables for a few minutes. adding just a teaspoon of water can help cook the greens faster. you could also add some eggs in the mix for an easy, filling and healthy breakfast. nuts and legumes can be a great source of calcium. just a handful of almonds, for example, can add up to 75mg to your diet. eat them raw, add some slivers to your breakfast, or use almond milk as your milk substitute. sesame seeds and tahini are also high in calcium and just 2tbs can offer up to 130mg of calcium. put some sesame seeds in your salad or add some tahini to your hummus or pita bread for a quick and easy snack. peas, black eyed peas, and white beans offer similar nutrition and can have over 200mg per 1 cup. so now that weve given you some alternatives for dairy, we don't want to hear you were trying to get calcium from that ice cream you ate before coming in for your facial!

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