acne-safe cheeses galore

one of our favorite things is acne-safe cheese. we love it so much that we have included lush spreads of the many acne-safe cheeses at previous parties. if you haven't had a chance to feast on cheese in a while, fear not, all of the nut cheeses featured below are easily available at a natural food store or whole foods near you. we even sell one of them at skinSALVATION! it's worth noting, that not all dairy-free cheeses are created equal: many of them have carrageenan and/or coconut oil in them -- both of which can cause acne. the list below includes only the dairy-free cheeses that passed the skinSALVATION test. there are definitely other cheeses on the market that are acne-safe, but if you see a dairy-free cheese on the shelves that isn't on the list below, make sure you check the ingredients first: any cheeses with coconut oil, carrageenan, or other seaweed/seaweed derivatives are definitely off-limits. acne-safe cheese guide chiacheezehot chiacheezenacheeztreeline cheesecheese and of course, you'll need some crackers to go with that cheese. here are the safest options we found at rainbow grocery and at whole foods, containing whole grains and no dairy, soy or sugar. for more information about acne-safe breads, read our blog post on it here. acne safe crackers

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