acne-safe foods for the sweet-tooth

here at sS, we all know what it is like to have a sweet-tooth! every single one of us enjoys a bite or two of a cookie or a chocolate bar....or a pastry or some ice cream. although we do advocate a diet low in sugar and refined foods, this does not mean we support depriving yourself of a yummy treat once in a while. you know by now that dairy and high amounts of sugar are ingredients to stay away from but a few more ingredients to be conscious of when purchasing your acne-safe desserts are . we already posted a blog on acne-safe ice creams ( ) but here are a few more acne-safe alternatives to help satisfy your sweet-tooth: hailmerry merry's miracle tart we tried both the meyer lemon and the mint chip and both are deliciouuuuus. they still have coconut oil and sugar in them though, so moderation is key! grindstone cookie! grindstone bakery wheat free cookie tasted ok. kind of maybe brown card-board-ish. alternative baking company alternative baking company this is my all-time fav. i even contacted the company once to express my love for their cookies. ive never tried one that isnt good. they are chewy, thick, guilt-free, and come in the most delicious flavors like lemon poppyseed and double chocolate. they also always have a special cookie of the season like my favorite coconut macaroon. they do have coconut oil in them as well as sugar, and some of them have peanuts so... moderation, moderation, everything in moderation!

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