a camper's guide to keeping clear

bugspraysummer may not officially start for another week, but it definitely feels like it's already here, which means camping season has begun. for those of you who like to spend warm weekends under the stars, we know that maintaining your sS regimen can be challenging. but don't worry, if you just follow these simple tips, a few nights in the woods won't undo your progress.

washing your face

when we're back in civilization we have easy access to clean and warm water, but campground sinks aren't always the most appealing places to stick your face. so what's an sS'er to do?
  • use a mild cleanser, like green tea cleanser or charcoal cleanser: when you're spending so much time outside, you want to go for a cleanser that won't dry out your skin or make it more sensitive to the sun. this is especially true if you're at altitude.
  • use a washcloth: to avoid having to put your face in a nasty campground sink (or if you're really roughing it, using all your water), wet a washcloth and use that before and after cleansing, instead of splashing your face with water. (the makeup removing washcloths we sell at sS are great for this.)


if you have a cooler (and it's not too dirty) you can always just sneak an ice cube out of there and ice your face as normal. if you don't have a cooler, one, you should probably get one because beer tastes better cold, but two, you can always just use your washcloth and cold water to imitate icing. remember though, real ice, like cold beer, is always preferable.


if you're planning on spending a lot of time in the sun while you're roughing it, you should be using a more mild toner. if you have sensitive and/or dry skin, using the rose water toner is the way to go. if your skin is a little more resilient, the sterilizing toner is your best bet.

benzoyl peroxide, salicylic serum, glycolic serum, retinols (dermagel, exfola, exfola-forte, bleaching lotion forte)

like with your toner, you want to be careful with BP and serums if you're going to be out in the sun more than normal. it's better to skip a night while you're camping than to risk being out in the sun when your skin is extra sensitive from your products.

moisture and spf

as always, it's important to make sure your skin stays hydrated and protected throughout the day, so don't skimp on your moisturizer and spf while away. if you're feeling dry throughout the day you can always top up your spf or use a little hydrating gel.

look out for hidden cloggers

when we're at home it's easy (well, easier) to be diligent about using non-cloggy products. but, when you're out in the wild it's a little more difficult. watch out for these offenders when camping:
  • bug spray: nearly all bug sprays are made with soybean oil, which is super cloggy. luckily we've found a truly non-comedogenic bug spray that we sell here at sS: greenerways organic bug spray
  • body sunscreen: sun protection for your body is, of course, important, but make sure whatever sunscreen you're using on your body isn't cloggy. even if you don't tend to break out on your body, when you touch your skin throughout the day, the sunscreen will get on your hands, and will then almost certainly end up on your face.
  • campfire food: we all know better than to mess with soy and dairy, so make sure you steer clear of them even while camping. check ingredients on any canned or processed foods you plan on bringing - you'll find that a lot them have some form of sneaky soy.
  • a dirty pillow: just like at home, make sure whatever pillow you're using is nice and clean.
if you do your best to follow these tips then you should be able to enjoy your camping trips without stressing about your skin. and, if you need to pick up any products before you head out, you can always drop into sS during business hours or just order online. (existing clients can order through our client store, everyone else can order through our public store.)

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