by kerry watson the main goal this week is to stay the course. you will be tired and cranky and you'll be tempted to cheat. thankfully, you are a planner and that means that you will have candida-safe meals ready to go at every turn. as a rule i refrigerate stuff for up to 3 days and freeze/reheat the rest. i like to package my food in meal sized containers so that i can just grab it and go as needed. pro tip: to make the shopping part super easy - use instacart and just get all this stuff delivered so you can take a much needed and well-deserved nap :) breakfasts: 1.) this is my new go-to breakfast even before i started on the candida diet. its yummy and easy which are two of my favorite things! toasted buckwheat groats (i cook this in broth instead of water) with two hard or soft boiled eggs a couple things to keep in mind: - soft boiled eggs should be made fresh each time. it doesn't take long and its super easy once you've done it once - make the buckwheat ahead of time and just reheat it in the morning. 1/3-1 cup cooked is a good serving size. (don't forget the salt and pepper) 2.) veggie and egg muffin cups - these freeze up and reheat really well (good as a snack too) lunches: 1.) creamy veggie soup and a zucchini muffin (just use olive oil if you don't have beef tallow lying around) - for the soup, the recipe says that you can add honey to sweeten it but in order to keep it candida safe you'll need to skip the honey. you can try adding a tiny bit of stevia or xylitol (both of these are candida safe sweeteners - go easy though, a little goes a long way) 2.) indian spiced turkey burgers with roasted garlic spread and cilantro sprigs wrapped in lettuce - these are so good! make a double or even triple recipe - you'll be glad you did. dinners: 1.) crispy chicken 4 ways with roasted cauliflower (just use olive oil) how to make the chicken "4 ways": basically you swap out the italian spice blend in the recipe with 3 different spice blends. here are some good ones. or just do it all with the it italian spice blend - its very good just like that. double this recipe as well. you want to end up with about 8 thighs. 2.) slow cooked red beef curry (the green chicken curry is great too!) with cauliflower rice add some fresh or frozen broccoli florets to the beef curry when there is about a 1-1.5 hours left to the cooking time. dessert: 1.) vanilla coconut custard - this recipe is a little more involved that i thought when i first looked at it. i made a quick version which is more of a vanilla coconut egg bake. if you want to try this simplified version here are the steps: - blend 4 eggs, a can of coconut milk a vanilla bean (use the seeds inside) or a teaspoon of pure alcohol free vanilla extract and 20 drops of stevia with a hand mixer or emersion blender. pour into a glass pie dish and bake at 350 for 45 minutes. its not custard but it was pretty tasty for a candida-safe dessert :) 2.) coconut almond no-bake balls snacks: 1.) rosemary marcona almonds and mixed olives 2.) celery sticks and almond butter 3.) these! only the unsweetened variety is safe for this cleanse

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