candida cleanse- week 3 menu - step away from the broccoli!

a funny thing happened in the sS lunch room the other day. after appraising all of our lunches we realized we all had a different version of chicken and broccoli. and juan says if he eats another hard boiled egg.... well that's just not appropriate conversation...
up until now things have been going pretty smoothly. i will admit i've had the occasional craving for some bread and i swear i can hear the chocolate chip jar in the lobby calling my name after lunch, but mostly the challenge has been to be organized and prepared. yet, since the acne safe lifestyle requires this as well, it's not too much different than before. this week my goal was to try some flavors we haven't had in the previous weeks but still make meals utilizing what you have in your fridge and pantry, with a couple additions here and there.
1 lb ground turkey
1 whole chicken (or parts but we want the bones)
1 large new york strip steak (per person)
buckwheat soba noodles
chia seeds
coconut or almond milk
kale (or southern greens)
head of lettuce (need big leaves)
salad greens
green onions
sesame oil
zucchini and/or summer squash
lemons and limes
hibiscus leaves
dried or fresh tarragon
plain gelatin

prep beginning of the week
  • 1 batch of quinoa for the week
  • poached chicken with broth- got this idea years ago from jaques pepin
in a pasta pot toss in a chicken with aromatics (onion, celery, garlic, herbs, 1 tbsp salt) cover with water, bring to a rapid boil and boil for 20 minutes. turn off heat, cover with lid and let sit for 45 minutes to 1 hour. remove chicken and pull meat off the bone. if any chicken close to bone is uncooked leave it on bones, put bones back in pot and turn heat back on to make stock. now you've got flavorful poached chicken and stock on the way.
  • asian style meatballs in addition to the recommended substitutions on the pin to make it acne & candida safe, sub out the rice wine vinegar for raw apple cider vinegar. it tastes great!
  • hibiscus tea concentrate- boil 1 quart of water with 1/2 cup hibiscus leaves. for iced tea: use 1 part concentrate to 4 parts water. add stevia to taste (optional)
  • kale/ greens- braise with chicken stock, onions, sea salt. finish with a dash of raw apple cider vinegar to taste

  • candida safe smoothie- kale, avocado, coconut, lime or lemon juice, chia seeds, coconut or almond milk, stevia (to taste)
  • omelet- with avocado, green onion, spinach, kite hill nut cheese, black beans (can only have twice a week so eliminate if needed)
  • kale and olive oil fried eggs

lunches- like the trend liesse started the first week. use protein from your meal the night before for lunch
  • chicken soup- with celery, onions, summer squash
  • lettuce wrap steak tacos- with avocado, kite hill nut cheese, onions, jalapenos and quinoa. (add black beans if you haven't had more then once this week.)

  • chicken soup- with celery, zucchini, onions and greens
  • steak and carmelized onions
  • buckwheat soba noodle stir fry- with egg, chicken, green beans and zucchini.

end of the week and out of food?
roast up some chicken legs marinated in coconut aminos, ginger, garlic and sesame oil. they pack up so easy for lunch. eat them hot or cold!
sides and snacks
  • almond butter and celery
  • half an avocado with salt and pepper
  • chopped salad with zucchini, celery, avocado, onion and creamy herb dressing
  • brussel sprouts and walnuts (blanch brussel halves and stir fry them in olive oil with walnuts
  • zucchini noodles tossed with creamy herb dressing

  • hibiscus jello- mix gelatin in with your hibiscus concentrate, stevia and water.

Not sure where to start?