cheez-y earth chips!

so i know living the acne-safe lifestyle can be challenging especially when it comes to eats. cheese cheese cheese on everything, would be a dream come true! i came across these things called 'earth chips', they are 100% raw, vegan, organic and acne-safe! they are dehydrated kale chips with cashew 'cheez'. (i think this is how the vegans spell vegan-safe cheese.) theres also a flavor with coconut and curry on them. yumm!! super crunchy, unexpectedly delicious. skinSALVATION approved - in reasonable amounts of course! i dont have a picture up now, because i ate them all before i could snap a photo. but you can get dehydrated, raw kale chips at whole foods (where i discovered them) and at birite grocery! im sure they also are at rainbow. ill upload a photo when i get my hands on another bag, but for now, here's one i found online: happy snacking!

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