comedogenic ingredient research study papers

comedogenic ingredient research study papers


comedogenic ingredient research study papers

com·e·do·gen·ic /ˌkämədōˈjenik:

adjective; tending to cause blackheads by blocking the pores of the skin. also known as pore-clogging, or “cloggy.”


it's great that comedogenic ingredients have finally made its way into the mainstream consciousness, though it sucks that the people responsible for making that research known aren't more well-known or recognized. it's a value of mine to honor and respect those who came before me, whose work has made my career a possibility today, so that's what i aim to do here today.

in the spirit of full transparency, i present to you the medical papers we used in compiling our product checker's comedogenic ingredient list. you'll see there were some rating discrepancies between the different papers, which is why some ingredients on our product checker have a range reflecting these.

dr. james e. fulton jr. was the lead researcher we based our list and treatment philosophy on, so you'll find his work here:

1984 study

1989 study

2001 list from dr. fulton's now out-of-print book, "acne rx"

2011 list provided by vivant pharmaceuticals, led by dr. fulton's surviving family members

we also found some answers - specifically about avocado oil, which stumped us for a few months! - within dr. mark lees' book "clearing concepts."



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