easy avocado pudding

IMG_7983 a few weeks ago, we had a quiet morning in the office, so we took it upon ourselves to make kim's acne-safe avocado chocolate pudding for sally’s going away lunch! we at sS will greatly miss her so we wanted to make something to sweeten the day. it's a super easy recipe and only requires 10 minutes max. we used coconut sugar, but the recipe can be made with dates or a low glycemic sweetener of choice. the avocados create a great creamy base and add some healthy fat! also, good to note: this is a paleo friendly recipe, but not whole 30 approved. IMG_7982 here's what you'll need: - 2 large avocados - 1 can of full fat coconut milk (may not need the whole can) - 4 heaping tbs cocoa powder - a generous squirt of vanilla extract - 6 large dates, pitted and chopped or - coconut sugar simple syrup (melt coconut sugar + hot water, 1:1) - cocoa nibs (for garnish, we used earth circle's cacao cashew clusters, yum!) materials needed: - a quart mason jar is preferable but a large bowl works as well - blender or immersion blender instructions: if using an immersion blender it is best to pour cocoa powder into a mason jar or bowl first, to avoid powder flying all over your kitchen. 1) dice avocados and add to bowl or mason jar with cocoa powder 2) add the coconut milk, but start with 1/3 of the can - you may not need all of it. once you start blending in step 4, you can add more until consistency is creamy or to your liking. 3) if using dates, add to mixture or use your coconut sugar simple syrup. to make this, mix equal parts boiling water to coconut sugar and stir until dissolved. 4) combine all other ingredients to the bowl, and blend until you have a creamy consistency. 5) add more sweetener of choice as needed, serve and top with cocoa nibs for a crunchy topping! IMG_7985 after trying the recipe out a few different ways, it is much sweeter when using dates as a sweetener, it just depends on your preference. also, we topped it with a hint of salt when we made it together, and it created a yummy savory+sweet dynamic!

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