foods on the go

a post for our clients without the time to cook at home!

many people these days simply do not have the time to prepare their own food, day in day out, or have personal chefs on hand to prepare acne-safe meals. even if you can't manage meal prep mondays you can still have nutritious lunches that won't break you out. so, this goes out to those who lunch and don’t have time to cook or prepare at all! of course, we do like to encourage cooking at home whenever possible. cooking allows us to control what goes into our food. dishes end up having less salt and sugar, and no offensive inflammation causing ingredients such as soy or dairy. realizing we can’t always live up to perfect ideals, we can still try to adhere to acne-safe guidelines as much as possible. i’ve found a number of pre-packaged meals to be acne-safe. i've gotten into the habit of checking ingredients for foods i buy. most food labels will include an allergen alert which would indicate whether a food contains milk, egg, wheat, soy, fish, shellfish, peanuts, and tree nuts, which makes it pretty easy to find out if foods contain the heaviest offenders: dairy, soy and peanuts. if your diet is more specialized, for example you don’t eat grains at all, you will have to scan the whole ingredients list. and, if you think there may even be a possibility of seaweed, you'll need to scan the list too. but once you shop this way a few times you will have hopefully compiled your preferred list of acne-safe go-to foods. the photos here represent of a few of mine. :) if you want to avoid packaged foods entirely, and have a few minutes to throw something together, there are many foods you can have on hand to mix and match. if you can keep a homemade or store bought salad dressing in the fridge at work that makes it even easier. at skinSALVATION, we’re lucky enough to have a pantry to keep acne-safe oils, vinegars, and spices. but if you don’t have a fridge or pantry, you could even keep a small bottle of oil and vinegar in a desk drawer. shopping list for the work-week: mixed lettuces. eggs for hard boiling avocados nuts and seeds for more protein smoked fish cut-up veggies baby carrots pre-cooked quinoa or lentils basically, this is about putting aside all excuses and exerting minimal effort to get the maximum result: clear skin. if you have stocked your fridge and pantry with ready-made foods and ingredients, your life will get so much easier (less stress, guilt), your skin will be clearer (duh!), and you will have saved some money too (bonus)! IMG_0988 IMG_0989 IMG_0991 IMG_0992

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