holy cow. 15 freaking years!

holy cow. 15 freaking years!

holy cow. 15 freaking years!

(these are pics of sS's first studio + me in 2008 with hair lol. who remembers these looks?!)

holy cow. 15 freaking years!

my dearest sS'ers,

when i started my one-room biz working 7 days a week in the mission back in 2008, i didn't realize how much of an amazing community i'd have cultivated to roll this far and long with, to rely on and to love.

over 15 years we've swapped funny dating stories, prepped your skin for weddings, supported you through pregnancy zits, commiserated, hugged and loved through breakups, new beginnings, heartbreaks and joy. some have become my closest friends, and many more became my impromptu therapy givers (and receivers), business coaches, and life-givers, sharing so many great conversations and belly laughs along the way.

your loyalty and love through all these years have carried me through being able to start, run, scale up, scale down, pivot and reinvent my business all while being my true unapologetic self. what an absolute gift. your trust has kept me going on the many days i've wanted to close up shop. your patronage has allowed me to provide you with the best service and products i can make or find, equitable jobs to local folks, work with ethically aligned vendors and sustained the biz while i navigate the reinvention of sS very soon to come.

things are far from perfect nor where i would like them to be, but i am so grateful to have come this far. what a full journey with many highs and lows it's been. self-compassion and trusting the timing of the universe has been my biggest challenge - but also help - yet.


thank you for being here with me.

i can't wait for you to see and enjoy what's to come.

much much love,



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