how to take before and after photos

how to take before and after photos

how to take before and after photos


documenting your skin's progress is really important but can be tricky to do with still photos. using your phone's video camera and direct natural light makes this much easier, as you can more clearly see your skin's condition, and take screenshot stills from a video for those IG-worthy before-and-after pics. ;)



some tips:


• your face should be washed and moisturized, with no makeup on.

• use natural light, it highlights all your bumps the best!

• "the golden hour," the brief period of time of daylight after sunrise or before sunset, is popular with photographers and cinematographers. taking photos in this natural light won't wash out details like bright mid-day sunlight would.

• you may have better luck with indirect light, depending on your location. try a few locations to see what works best.

• once you've found your idea spot, try to stick to the same place and time when documenting your skin, for consistent photo / video quality.

• you can also use this time to narrate a bit about how you're feeling about your skin, as progress is also marked by your emotions!

• it may take a few tries to fully capture all the areas of your skin, but take your time going over areas of concern, and record multiple videos if you have to, to make sure you get ALL your angles. :)

• along with your before and after photos, take in-between-progress photos! this can help keep you motivated while on your way to clear skin.


this is also great footage for sharing with your esthetician so that they can more accurately and properly assess and recommend things for your skin. it's my favorite way to see how my clients are doing and how i can help - send them our way if you'd like a quick review and suggestions for your skin!

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