i just came up, on some vegan nacho cheez!

a very very delicious vegan, dairy- and soy-free nacho cheese called NACHEEZ! lovingly made by a sacramento-based company, Love & Joy. the recipes are based on roasted bell peppers and have a real nice veggie flavor. the spicy one is a hit with tortilla chips, and the regular is great for acne-safe mac and cheese! you can get it at rainbow grocery for about $6/jar in the unrefrigerated salsa section in the chip aisle. there's also a vegan nacho cheese by a super cute, hip austin, tx based couple that is nutritional yeast based, about $5/jar. it also lives in the non-refrigerated salsa section in the chip aisle at rainbow grocery. it's delicious too, though when tasted side by side with nacheez, general consensus preferred the NACHEEEEEEZEY FASHEEZY. you're welcome.

Not sure where to start?