liesse's journey to clarity

the lovely liesse! hello beautiful people! thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey to clarity. my name is liesse jones and i am the newest esthetician at skinSALVATION. kim, kerry and natalie have shared a wealth of knowledge with me over the course of the last few weeks. i am so excited to apply all that i have learned to your lovely faces and bodies as well as my own. read on to learn why i am so passionate about acne, health and beauty. then, you can book an appointment with me to continue the conversation and bond over extractions and good music. :) be yourself i grew up in a beautiful community of supportive family and friends in albuquerque, new mexico. these people have always encouraged me to follow my passions in life. the first of which was studying fashion and textile design at ocad university in toronto. during my education there, i struggled with the idea of becoming a part of an industry whose majority of sales are made by making people feel inadequate. i wanted to be part of something that celebrated natural beauty and real bodies so instead of being discouraged by what was happening in the fashion world, i decided to challenge it. with the support of my toronto community and the love from my new mexican familia, i began pope joans, a line of lingerie that uses ergonomic design and natural fibers to create pieces that embrace the natural form of the female body. after pope joans' extremely successful debut during toronto arts and fashion week, i decided to move back to albuquerque to design and run the company full time. over the course of the last three years i have had the pleasure of helping women fall in love with their bodies. although this has been an extremely rewarding career, i knew that i had more to give than i was able to by just designing lingerie. i began to search for another profession where i would be able to help people feel beautiful in their own skin and so began my journey to becoming an esthetician.

hey you, i love your face

allowing pope joans to sustain itself while i went back to school was a difficult but ultimately very rewarding decision. i moved to the bay area at the end of december 2014 to study at cinta aveda institute. going in, i didn't know where this new career path would take me but i had faith that it was going to lead to a place where i could help people feeling amazing about themselves. it wasn't until i met kim, sS's fearless leader, that i knew exactly where i was meant to be. although i have always had a healthy amount of love for myself and dedicated my life to encouraging that in others, kim is the first person who empowered me in the one area that i am self conscious - my skin. i have had acne since i was thirteen years old and eventually came to accept that it was something that i would always have to deal with. although i've tried to never let acne hold me back i have spent countless hours applying "miracle" products and makeup to conceal my blemishes. i am currently on week 4 of my skinSALVATION clearing regimen and can honestly say that for the first time i see clear beautiful skin in my future. just like you, i receive a homework email after every treatment (plus my co-workers check in with me at work each day and would know if i wasn't eating an acne safe lunch). right now, my skin is purging but icing twice a day, using bp and taking zyflamend has really reduced my inflammation. all of us here at sS know what it's like to have acne, i am honored that i get to embark on this journey with people who have been through it and who are committed to an acne safe lifestyle. if you want to know more about my journey or just need someone to tell how much you're craving a sweet and creamy mojito iced coffee to, i'm your girl. i can't wait to walk with you on the path to clarity! love and happiness, liesse

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