mineral foundation makeup conversion chart

hey sS'ers, we've finally been able to get enough real-life people in to accurately see which colors look best on our former colorescience users. below is a chart that we've made up, we hope that this makes it easier for you to convert to our new youngblood and illuminare makeup lines. there are several more shades in the youngblood line than the colorescience (which is great!). for example, if you used to be 'all even' but that was a bit dark, 'barely beige' might be a better fit. or, if 'all even' was too yellow, then 'rose beige' would probably work out. of course, the best way to color match is to come in and try out the colors in real life. we recommend coming in early and testing colors before your appointment (skin is often redder than it normally would be after extractions and/or peels, so it's harder to get the right match). also, if you can come in the daytime (when the sun is still out!) that would be ideal. we'll update this chart as we get feedback from more clients, but it's a great place to start when you're ready to switch over to youngblood or illuminare.
COLORESCIENCE,YOUNGBLOOD,ILLUMINARE| { even lighter },pearl (warm)~~ ivory (cool),alabaster| light as a feather,cool beige (cool)~~ neutral (cool)~~ barely beige (warm),porcelain| all even,barely beige (warm)~~ soft beige (warm) ~~ honey (neutral/cool)~~ tawnee (neutral)~~ warm beige (warm)~~ rose beige (cool), fair| california girl, rose beige (cool)~~ toffee (warm)~~ fawn (neutral), sun| girl from ipanema,toffee (warm)~~ fawn (neutral), toast| { even darker }, sunglow (cool)~~ coffee (warm)~~ hazelnut (warm)~~ mahogany (cool), --

Not sure where to start?