tips for the (hard to reach) back acne

we have a few back acne clients who aren't as yoga practiced (aka flexible), and so have a hard time reaching their backs, and getting their corrective acne products back there. a quick google search yielded these clever contraptions, which may help doing your back-acne skincare regime a bit easier (and regular)! xen-tan hard to reach back applicator probably the sexiest and most glam applicator on the market, neiman marcus sells a bronze back product applicator for $18. not a bad price for a piece of luxury in your bathroom repertoire! ableware lotion applicator has a simple, straightforward applicator for $9. replacement pads are available for purchase, too. back buddie lotion applicator if you 'need a hand' (heh heh), has this back buddy lotion applicator for sale, $7.99. lotion applicator sells a foam rubber applicator for $9.95, which supposedly does not absorb product, keeping it clean and reusable. it's also got a 16" reach! the body buddy! and lastly, the body buddy. this was probably the first back product applicator product that we wrote about back in 2012. you can find it at for about $25. when clients come to us with bacne, we often times will suggest three things before coming in for professional acne treatments. 1. make sure you are using acne-safe shampoo, conditioner and body products! hair products seem irrelevant, but as you rinse them out of your hair in the shower, the suds run down your back and chest, possibly causing acne. 2. wash immediately after working out, preferably within 15 minutes of finishing your exercise routine. showering with acne-safe and corrective products are best (take travel sizes with you; gym provided soaps are usually cloggy!), but if you can't shower, you can at least bird bath over the sink with a washcloth and water til you can get to a shower to wash off properly. 3. try using the skinSALVATION body clearing scrub (or wash, if your acne is inflamed) and 20% glycolic acid serum. these two will help exfoliate those acne seeds built up into the pores, purging the acne that comedogenic hair products and gym-sweatyness have caused. often times this home care regimen is enough to clear up most bacne, but if your acne is particularly aggressive, professional in-clinic treatments are a must. something to be aware of when treating the back, is that the thicker skin of the body takes much longer to regenerate and therefore clear up - products can have a harder time penetrating through the thick layers of the skin, so very regular and strong exfoliation is necessary to see any improvement. expect mild bacne to clear up in about 1-2 months, and more stubborn, severe acne to take upwards to 6 months. additionally, these same tips can be used for chest acne (though you can do your face regimen down on the chest too, if your skin is sensitive or acne is mild), ingrown hairs (say bikini lines post-bikini waxing?) and even your butt! try it all out everywhere, and let us know how it works out. we hope these tools and tips will help you get to those hard to reach spots on your back and your acne under control - but a little yoga practice probably wouldn't hurt, either ;)

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