acne AND candida safe soy sauce cooking alternatives

so a lot of our asian clients cook with a lot of soy sauce and when they cut down, they clear up. we realize though how challenging it can be to substitute this in the kitchen - so here are some safe alternatives! coconut secret coconut aminos - coconut secret's coconut aminos is a great soy sauce substitute. it's many times more nutritious than soy sauce, and is very rich in amino acids. it takes almost like a spiked teriyaki soy vinegar. **candida safe ginger & green onion sauce! - chinese steamed chicken with ginger and green onion is one of my most favorite foods. i made a batch and found that the ginger/green onion sauce is delicious on EVERYTHING! try steaming different foods and topping them with this sauce. the recipe is: 2 whole bunches of green onions, a large knob of ginger, blended or chopped up in a bowl, then add about a 1/4 cup hot olive oil and some stock (if you have some around). add salt to taste. (shout out to SF's mama for the recipe :) ) **candida safe spicely organic vindaloo curry powderthai kitchen organic coconut milk - curries can be made easily and acne-safely with curry powder, coconut milk, and bit of pink salt. you can also add chopped up aromatics like anti-inflammatory turmeric, digestion enhancing ginger, or fragrant lemongrass (just beat it up a bit with the back of a knife to get the flavor out of it before simmering it with the sauce). **candida safe herb chart from -fresh herbs can add a lot of flavor to dishes - they may seem subtle at first but once you start working with them you'll discover they pack a lot of punch! rinse them well, dry and pick off the leaves to cook with/eat, you can compost the main stalk upon the tasty leaves grow. **candida safe pesto, image from - any green pesto. in a blender, combine 2 cups of packed greens (basil, kale, spinach, arugula, any kind of green!), 1/2 cup olive oil, 1/3 cup of nuts (pine nuts are traditional, but you can use any nut - roasting them first on a hot pan til fragrant definitely hooks it up with flavor) and a couple of squeezes of lemon juice. blend it up and add salt and pepper to taste.. if you google recipes, you'll find that they often include cheese - add this at your own risk!! anyhow, you can eat this with pasta and or top your steak, fish or veggies with it! ***candida safe if you use candida safe nuts and NO CHEESE! olive tapenade from - olive tapenade pesto - for a twist, you can also add some olives to the above mix, creating a sort of green tapenade. or you can just do olives and omit the greens. check out this site here for other great spread ideas (just watch out for the dairy!). ***candida safe if you use olives that were NOT packed in vinegar! garlic & lemon - garlic and lemon are one of the most easiest combinations - i bet you have these 2 things in your kitchen right now. one of my favorite ways to prepare salmon is to lay the salmon on a baking sheet, chop up some garlic cloves, slice some lemon, and get a few sprigs of rosemary and lay these aromatics underneath and on top of the fish.. then drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper. roast at 400F for about 15-20 mins and voila! ***candida safe

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