sugar smart - even fruit counts!

we've all heard the saying, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away," but how many apples is too many? in a culture that stresses the importance of fruit in our diets, its hard to imagine that there is a downside to eating too much of it but for the average person, and especially for the acne prone, there is. the nutrients and minerals found in fruit make it a great part of anyone's diet, but excess sugar, even from fruit, can lead to weight gain, more belly fat, increased triglyceride levels, and candida overgrowth which for the acne prone means worse acne! the recommended daily sugar intake according to the USDA for women is a maximum of 26g and for men is 36g or just 2 cups of sliced bananas. grapes are an even worse offender in terms of sugar and just 2 cups add up to about 47g of sugar - which is more than a 12oz can of coca cola which has 39g! this isn't to say that fruit isn't an important part of one's diet, because it is. the key is to be informed so you can make healthy choices and like anything, practice moderation! next time you go to the grocery store, keep in mind these numbers:

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