thinking outside the (hair product) box

hair products are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to clogginess, so sometimes finding products that not only work for your hair, but also don’t mess with your skin, can be a challenge. a lot of people find that non-cloggy shampoos can be drying and might leave their hair lackluster. and styling creams? good luck finding one that’s not cloggy. it can feel like you have to make tradeoff: do i want great hair or do i want great skin? luckily you don’t have to pick... you just might have to get a little creative with the products that you already use: enter shower gel and body lotion. it might feel like sacrilege to use body products in your hair, but when used strategically, you can see great results for both your hair and body.
shikai shower gels (or shampoos!) shikai shower gels (or shampoos!)
if finding the right shampoo is your problem, consider trying the shikai moisturizing shower gel we sell at sS. it smells great and leaves hair clean and shiny -- without being drying or weighing it down. the soap-free formula is formulated with aloe vera for gentle moisture and colloidal oatmeal to help bind the moisture to skin (or in this case, your hair). and, unlike a lot of acne-safe shampoos, it comes in a ton of flavors, most of which are available at whole foods, if you feel like mixing it up. just to be safe though, avoid the coconut "flavored" one, as it's scent agent is comedogenic coconut oil.
derma-e body lotion no more dry skin, and no more frizz
if fly-aways, dry hair, and/or frizziness is what you’re trying to combat, an acne-safe body lotion could really help. for dry or frizzy hair, smooth a small amount on the tips and shaft of your hair, being careful not to use so much that your hair ends up greasy. for fly-aways, rub a small, pea-sized amount into your palms and then lightly apply to your trouble spots. see? there’s no need to compromise your hair for your skin. you just need to embrace the unorthodox and you could find your hair’s in better shape than ever.

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