whole 30

happy wednesday sS family! this week kim, kerry and i are embarking on a back to basics diet called whole30. whole30 is pretty much the acne safe diet taken to the next level. the idea is to strip your diet of dairy, grains, legumes, and sugar for 30 days. these foods can be difficult to digest, inflammatory and not to mention - potentially acne causing! swapping these ingredients for real whole foods allows the body can repair and rebuild.

it starts with food

here are the rules:
  1. no added sugar of any kind, real or artificial (that includes honey, agave, and stevia)
  2. no alcohol in any form (even for cooking)
  3. no grains
  4. no legumes
  5. no dairy
  6. no additives like carrageenan, msg, or sulfites
  7. do not try to recreate baked goods, junk food, or "treats" with approved ingredients (maybe the number one difference between whole30 and paleo)
  8. you aren't allowed to step on the scale or take body measurements throughout the 30 days, although you can before and after.
find the complete list of rules, grocery shopping list, and helpful tips by falling this link to whole30.com. why are we doing the whole30? kim: "i am doing it for health reasons - it was prescribed by my naturopath, and to lose some weight (pre-diabetic blood sugar levels). also, i have noticed sensitivities when i eat certain foods that i shouldn't, so that's a good motivator too, to not feel sick, bloated, allergies or get headaches." liesse: "to be the most clear and healthy version of myself. it has been very empowering to get my acne under control but along the way i fell off of the exercise bandwagon. i'm coupling the whole30 diet with a new gym membership to get my body and mind in tip top shape." kerry: "weight loss and energy gain!" i am making this awesome one pot meal for dinner tonight! click the image for the recipe. i'll be using homemade bone broth and bacon fat instead of butter.


if you have stubborn inflammatory acne or digestive issues that are influencing your skin, the whole30 diet is a great way to press the reset button on your body. if you are interested in joining us on our journey to sustainable health and clear skin, follow us on instagram @skinsalvationacneclinic or email liesse@skinsalvationsf.com cheers, liesse

Not sure where to start?