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the skinSALVATION process- becoming an in-clinic client

For those in the san Francisco bay area, we start our program with an in-clinic consultation. During this initial meeting, we spent two hours getting closely acquainted with you; we review your intake form so that we can identify the acne causing imbalances in your lifestyle, teach you how to correct them, we do an in-depth skin analysis, test out some products, and we come up with a treatment plan that’s customized for you.

The program is comprised of three basic parts; marked improvement can be seen in about two weeks and maximum results in an average of 12. The first part is comprised of our specially formulated, clinically tested, and time-proven acne fighting products; they purge existing acne, prevent new breakouts from forming, and have anti-aging benefits. With the second part of the formula, we evolve our approach to your individual circumstances and progress, so which each custom treatment we wrap up the clearing process with expert clinical extractions, finishing up with whatever your skin needs. be it a chemical peel, a healing mask, or an LED light treatment. the third piece is the most important part: at skinSALVATION our focus is in achieving and maintaining long-term results by educating you on living an acne-safe lifestyle. with each appointment you’ll come away feeling more empowered, with practical knowledge that you can apply in your everyday life.

In my fifteen years of experience as a licensed esthetician within the wellness industry, I’ve found that treating acne only topically yields just short term results. It’s the lifestyle choices and changes that really yield those long-term results. By learning your personal triggers, how they affect your skin, how acne actually works, how long it takes to form, as well as how long it takes to go away, we can totally stop the acne before it even starts.

We’re all about supporting you,  and one way we do that is by offering our complimentary pop zit appointments that you can book in between your full treatments. It’s during these appointments that we address particularly inflamed and painful acne. Plus, we provide support by phone and email, so you are within reach of our expert guidance wherever you are, whenever you need us.

Visit our online scheduler to book a consult with Kerry, our San Francisco esthetician, and remember you can check out our online shop to see our clinically proven skincare products. We are here to help whenever you are ready.

covid-19 accessiblity update:
Kerry is continuing to offer virtual consults and guidance, during the San Francisco Shelter In Place ordinance. Book your consult now!

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