Remote Consultations



becoming a skinSALVATION remote client to clear up your skin for good!

Our remote consultations are perfect for people who are not local to the san francisco area, or are just super busy and can’t make it in to our clinic. That doesn’t stop our clients from clearing up and it shouldn’t stop you either. We meet with you either by phone or video-conferencing , and offer regular check-ins to make sure you’re staying on track with all the lifestyle education we give you.  Many of our remote clients have been able to achieve clarity by just using our skinSALVATION products and implementing those acne-safe lifestyle tricks that we teach them. But some clients do have a harder time; more complicated cases, so for those people, we suggest that they find an esthetician in their area to help facilitate some extractions with treatments to speed up the process. In cases like these, we simply advise those clients to bring their home care regimen with them to use during the treatments, and to steer clear of any products or masks that may have ingredients of which are unknown.

Believe it or not, some of our estheticians were actually former clients that were so inspired by their journey with us, that they went back to school so they could join our team, and continue spreading that clear skin love.

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