glycolic acid body serum - 20%

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glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) exfoliant that also brightens brown spots and sun damage, this higher active ingredient percentage is formulated for the thicker skin of the body, assuring effective action to purge acne and brighten pigment damage, leaving the skin clear and glowing.


after cleansing (and icing), start with a small amount and apply to affected areas of the body. use additional product as necessary to cover the area. if the skin stings upon application after the product has dried, wash it off and moisturize. try the serum again the next day and repeat if necessary, gradually increasing tolerance. moisturize and wear SPF

active product: 

act right. use on the BODY ONLY and don't use on broken, irritated, sensitive, dry, peeling or post-treatment healing skin. discontinue use and contact your with & within esthetician if irritation, rash, stinging, or burning develop 


deionized water, glycolic acid, glycerin, propylene glycol, hydroxyethylcellulose, critric acid, sodium metabisulfite, sodium edta, diazolidinyl urea, bha, ascorbic acid, ammonium hydroxide

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