8oz bottle pump

8oz bottle pump

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the simple luxury of a pump instantly elevates your self-care experience, making it much easier to dispense product, making for a faster and easier routine.

this pump is perfect for your 8oz bottles of hydrating cleanser, body lotion and charcoal wash. (remember that charcoal wash can benefit from the occasional shake, to redistribute the charcoal particles within the natural formula). 

it also locks to ensure safer spill-free traveling. to do this, push down on the pump (some product will squirt out, make sure to use it up!) then twist clockwise several times to lock the nozzle. to be extra safe, i would put the bottle in a ziplock bag, just in case the other items in your bag make the nozzle unravel.

you can reuse this pump several times as you go through your favorite skinsalvation products, instead of purchasing a new one every time you crack open a new bottle! reusing your pumps makes for the most ecological use of plastic as possible.

please note: this pump will not work for any other product size; it's too big for the 2oz and 4oz bottle necks, and the dipstick is too short for the 16oz conditioner bottle.



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