getting started skin clearing kit for normal to oily acne-prone skin

getting started skin clearing kit for normal to oily acne-prone skin

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far and away, this is our most popular getting started kit. the skinSALVATION classic kit is appropriate for most skin types. free of benzoyl peroxide (we find most cases of acne don't need it, especially if you are really good with regularly icing your face with your ice pop maker, and eating a low-glycemic diet), this kit will have your skin feeling balanced, calm and strong with marked improvement visible in just a few weeks!

with regular usage, the full-sized kit should last you about 3 months, though if you are a generous product user or wash midday after working out - which you should absolutely 1000% be doing with your own acne-safe stuff! - you'll likely go through it all a bit faster.

check out what's included:

  • charcoal cleanser (8oz) :: our best-selling and most loved facial cleanser, charcoal cleanser is a gently foaming (and gluten-free) cleanser that will leave your face feeling balanced - not dried out. also effectively removes makeup - even eye makeup.
  • mandelic toner (new + improved formula) (4 ounces) :: our magic mandelic tonic is simply one of the most effective acne clearing toners on the market. this proprietary tonic blends mandelic acid (an AHA originally derived from almonds) with exfoliating and brightening fruit acids, to clear acne, smooth skin, and lessen hyperpigmentation from acne scars and sun damage. if this skin clearing kit was a movie, this toner would be the star. once your skin is acclimated, you can transition to the 5% formula!
  • hydrating cream (2 ounces):: truly acne-safe formula, free of dimethicones, silicones or fragrances supports the healing and strengthening of the skin's outer protective barriers, while reducing inflammation and redness. it moisturizes with a creamy texture, and leaves a matte finish.
  • clear choice sport shield SPF 45 (2 ounces) :: a combination block, and light moisturizer formulated for daily use for the face (non-comedogenic - won't clog pores), chest, hands and arms. Contains antioxidants to help combat free radical damage, which can cause premature aging by minimizing superficial fine lines and premature aging. Specially formulated to resist sweat and water for 80 minutes - waterproof, sweatproof (won't run into your eyes). 
  • toner pads (200 count) :: these non-woven, medical grade pads are ideal for applying toner - and are the same as what we use in the treatment room as pros. most commercial cotton pads absorb too much toner, so it stays in the pad and doesn't get onto your skin (where it's needed the most). with these pads, you will use far less toner, and its smooth texture aids in the exfoliation of the skin without irritating it.
  • ice pop maker :: one of the most important parts of any acne-safe regimen is icing. you will receive detailed instructions on how to ice your skin, and this ice pop maker will make it easy (and maybe a little fun!). 

all getting started kits come with a copy of skinSALVATION's quick guide to clear skin and a detailed regimen sheet to make sure you are using the products correctly.

keep in mind, while about 80% of clients will clear up by switching to our acne-safe product range alone, for about 20% of clients, the product switch alone will not fully clear your skin - the acne-safe lifestyle may also be necessary. our getting started guide (and extensive blog!) will tell you everything you need to know about living an acne-safe lifestyle, so you can get - and stay - clear.

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