getting started skin clearing kit for normal to dry acne-prone skin

getting started skin clearing kit for normal to dry acne-prone skin

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contrary to popular belief that acne-prone skin is oily skin, many complexion challenged clients are actually on the drier side. the challenge is, to find moisturizing products that won't break you out, and will help clear your skin at the same time. sounds impossible, but we've cracked the code!

the skinSALVATION getting started kit for normal to dry skin is appropriate for skins that are dried + fried from harsh product/prescription regimens, exposed to cold + dry climates or skins that are just naturally on the thirsty side.

with proper usage, the full-sized kit should last you about 3 months, a bit shorter if you tend to wash 3x/day (like, a mid-day workout - which by the way you should totally be washing your face after, with your own acne-safe stuff!!) or if you're a generous product user.

included in this kit is:

  • hydrating cleanser (8 ounces) ::  this cleanser, when generously applied to dry skin and gently rinsed off, provides the right amount of moisture essential to healing the compromised upper layers of the skin, promoting a healthy + balanced tone. some very dry skin clients use this twice a day, other with more combination-type skin will alternate this with our best selling + gentle foaming charcoal wash, and find themselves using this more as the weather gets colder, and our skin gets drier. it took us 2 years to formulate this cleanser, to make sure that it heals parched skin as well as effectively removes mineral face makeup - even eye makeup.
  • mandelic toner (new + improved formula) (4 ounces) :: our magic mandelic tonic is simply one of the most effective acne clearing toners on the market. this proprietary tonic blends mandelic acid (an AHA derived from almonds) with d2o - known as "heavy water" in the beauty industry, water with an extra hydrogen molecule - to rebalance dry skin whilst clearing acne. this combined moisturizing + exfoliating formula will smooth skin, and lessen hyperpigmentation from acne scars and sun damage.
  • hydrating cream (2 ounces):: truly acne-safe formula, free of dimethicones, silicones or fragrances supports the healing and strengthening of the skin's outer protective barriers, while reducing inflammation and redness. it moisturizes with a creamy texture, and leaves a matte finish.
  • safeguard moisturizing face + body spf 40 (3.5 ounces) :: another really challenging product to find is an effective physical block sunscreen that is free of comedogenic ingredients! how many times have you used a sunscreen and ended up with a bad breakout for weeks afterward? ugh. our formula does triple duty by moisturizing, providing ultra-strength sun protection without the pastiness commonly associated with zinc sunscreens (thanks to the micronized minerals), and can be used for both face AND body. woo!
  • toner pads (200 count) :: this non-woven, medical grade cotton gauze is ideal for applying toner. most commercial cotton pads absorb too much toner, so it stays in the pad and doesn't get onto your skin - where it is needed most! with these pads you will use far less toner, and its smooth texture aids in the exfoliation of the skin without irritating it.
  • ice pop maker :: one of the most important parts of any acne-safe regimen is icing the affected area. you will receive detailed instructions on how to ice your skin, and this ice pop maker will make it easy (and maybe a little fun!). 

all getting started kits come with a copy of skinSALVATION's quick guide to clear skin and a detailed regimen sheet to make sure you are using the products correctly.

keep in mind, 80% of our clients will find success in clearing up by switching to our acne-safe product range. however, for about 20% of clients, products alone will not clear your skin - the lifestyle component is necessary for these folks. our getting started guide (and our extensive blog!) will tell you everything you need to know about living an acne-safe lifestyle, so you can get - and stay - clear.

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