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the practical guide to clear skin for good, for real. 

please click this link to purchase the book directly from my publisher!

did you know that as a small independent self-published author, after printing, service and amazon fees, i make $2.20 per book sold on amazon, retailing at $29?! (i know, crazy right. i could have had a higher profit margin if i went with black and white, but i wanted this to be a joy to read and reference back to for years to come). 

by purchasing the book using the link above, i can make closer to $8 per book, so thanks for using that link to buy it!

if my work has helped change your life for the better and you want to support, the biggest way you can do this is to:

  • purchase my skin products
  • write and post reviews of the book and products everywhere (including amazon and my own shop here) and
  • share my work with anyone you think can benefit from my work!
    especially therapists like other estheticians, acupuncturists, conventional and functional alternative health doctors, dermatologists, etc. the goal is to help as many people as we can and your help in sharing your success stories with these healers in your community can make this a reality. 

thank you for your support! 


and regarding ethics of amazon sales, i'll share here what i wrote my w&w community in my last news/love letter:


this is a bit tricky, and i'm still learning how it works. from what i understand, self-published authors make the most money off of book sales when the book is purchased directly from them (usually in 2 ways: a stack they buy, physically store and ship to order, or through a print-on-demand service like amazon or ingram sparks - who i decided to go with).

however, because these sales happen in a vacuum, no one outside our existing with & within bubble would get to know or see the sales or review activity.

so, buying and sharing book reviews on online platforms like amazonbookshop.orgbetter world books and barnes and noble really helps get us into those 'recommended' shopping algorithms, so others browsing can discover our work, brand and products. amazon especially, because the monster of a shopping powerhouse it is, and its audience reach. (yu and me books in NYC is a female asian-owned independent bookstore you can also order from! would be cool to do a book tour visit thing there, i love and miss nyc). 

so i am honestly conflicted because of all the evil things jeff bezos has and continues to do, AND also know my business could really really use the marketing and exposure to audiences everywhere. this is one of the big reasons why i did NOT go with amazon to print my book. i may opt to sell our products on there to gain exposure, but will mark up the price and make sure to fulfill using my own warehouse, versus using the amazon workforce.

i was advised by a self-publishing expert to get as many folks as i can to buy my book online on publishing day (monday march 18, 2024) to get a good start to the sales algorithms, eventually offering clients to buy directly from me, all the while encouraging readers to write and post honest reviews of the book.

thanks for learning along with me, and having so much patience and understanding while i figure all this out. :)

so in short, please buy the book wherever you want and please read and post your honest reviews! 

❤️ kim

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