odara shea butter

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UPDATE: Our hydrating cream is now back in stock. You can find it at this link

This is hands down, the world's best shea butter! Have you ordered shea butter online only to find out that it's hard as a rock, crumbly and impossible to apply? We can say with 100% confidence that you will be blown away with how rich and creamy and spreadable this shea butter is. 

Shea butter is an excellent moisturizer with deep healing and anti-aging properties. It's also 100% non-comedogenic making it safe for acne prone skin. It's really the only natural plant-based butter we've found that is safe for acneic skin. 

This pure silky smooth shea butter can be used as a moisturizer on the face, hands and body daily. Use it straight or mix a small amount in your hand along with your current moisturizer to give it a healing and moisturizing boost.

Start with a half pea sized amount spread on the fingers and palms of your hand and gently work it into the skin adding more as needed. Do wait a few minutes before applying make up. If it feels heavy on the face at first then you are using too much, so use less next time until you find the right amount for your skin.


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